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Student Council

Student Council 2023-2024

On June 19th, we held a cake sale in Hall Street to raise funds for our ongoing school yard equipment project. It was a resounding success with a total of €749 raised. We enjoyed helping Mrs. McBride set up the stalls and were there to serve all the many customers from the community. We are so thankful to the parents and grandparents who provided many delicious treats and plants for the sale. The event was made even more special with the celebration of International Day held at the other end of the hall! There was a wonderful atmosphere and it was a lovely way to end the year.

The sales of our shopper bags came to €605! We were able to use this money to purchase 2 sets of monkey bars for the school yard. The students have really enjoyed playing on them during break time.

We would like to thank everyone who purchased a bag and who participated in the endeavour from the beginning, especially to David at DJB Art & Design Creations for designing the final layout for the bags.

The whole school took part in a table quiz to mark the beginning of Half-Term. We had a really fun time together. Well done to the winning team, Team 1! Use your golden tickets wisely! 

See pictures below of our Harvest Hunt. We really enjoyed working in teams to find everything from the list on our school grounds. 

The Student Council 🙂 

Stefan Morozov, Emily Gilliland, Annabelle Patton, Witness Mayere, Hannea Avelino, Ethan Steenson, Adam Anderson, Max Moffett.😃