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Child Safe Guarding Statement & Anti Bullying Policy Reviews

Child Protection Procedures

Anti Bullying and Child Safeguarding Statement Reviews 2024

Click on the link below to view notification of the Anti Bullying policy & Child Safeguarding Statement  reviews completed in May 2024. 

Child safeguarding Statement and Anti Bullying Policy Reviews

 8.13 Reviewing the Child Safeguarding Statement

 8.13.6 The board of management shall make arrangements to inform school personnel that the review has been undertaken. Written notification that the review has been undertaken shall be provided to the Parents Association (or where none exists directly to parents) and to the school patron. The Department has also published a standard notification which shall be used for this purpose. A copy of this notification shall be published on the school’s website. Records of the review and its outcome shall be retained and made available, if requested, to the patron and/or the Department.

Anti-Bullying Procedures

7.2 Annual Review by the Board of Management

7.2.1 The Board of Management must undertake an annual review of the school’s anti- bullying policy and its implementation by the school.

7.2.2 A standardised checklist to be used in undertaking the review is included in Appendix 4 to these procedures. It should be noted that in order to complete the checklist, an examination and review involving both quantitative and qualitative analysis as appropriate across the various elements of the implementation of the school’s anti-bullying policy will be required.

7.2.3 The school must put in place an action plan to address any areas for improvement identified by the review.

Written notification that the review has been completed must be made available to school personnel, published on the school website (or where none exists, be otherwise readily accessible to parents and pupils on request) and provided to the Parents’ Association (where one exists). A standardised notification which must be used for this purpose is 37 included at Appendix 4. A record of the review and its outcome must be made available, if requested, to the patron and the Department.