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School Rules


  • I should be careful coming to and going from school.
  • I should always walk while in the school building.
  • I should always show respect for my fellow pupils.
  • I should bring a note of explanation following every absence.
  • I should never leave the school grounds without the permission of a teacher.

Caring for Myself:

  • I should respect myself and my property, always keeping my school bag, books and copies in good order.
  • I should always endeavour to have my uniform clean and tidy.
  • I should be in school by 9:20am each day. Doors open at 9:00am.
  • I should always line up at the start of the day and after play when I hear the school bell.
  • I should always bring a nutritional lunch to school. Chewing gum, fizzy drinks and crisps are not permitted.
  • I should always do my best in school by listening, working as hard as I can and by completing my homework.

Caring for Others:

  • I should be kind and respectful to teachers, other school staff, fellow pupils and visitors to the school.
  • I should listen and behave well in class so that my fellow pupils and I can learn.
  • I should obey my specific class rules and all rules or policies agreed by the school community.
  • I should show respect for my school by being careful not to damage furniture or any part of the building.
  • I should show respect for the property of the teachers and of my fellow pupils.
  • I should be truthful and honest at all times.


  • I should never bully others.
  • I should never allow others to bully me and if it happens I should tell my parents and my teacher.
  • Bullying is always unacceptable.