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School Calendars 2023-2024 /2024-2025

School Re-opens Wednesday 30th August 2023
Mid -Term Break  Monday 30th October - Friday 3rd November inclusive
Christmas Closing  Friday 22nd December (last day of school) 
Re-opening  Monday 8th January 2024
St Brigid's Day  Monday 5th February 
Mid-Term Break  Thursday 15th & Friday 16th February 
St. Patrick's Day Closing  Monday 18th March 
Easter Closing  Friday 22nd March (last day of school) 
Re-opening  Monday 8th April 
Bank Holiday  Monday 6th May 
Bank Holiday  Monday 3rd June 
Summer Holidays Closing  Friday 21st June 2024 

Parents will be informed of any additional closures as soon as they are known to staff. 

School Calendar 2024-2025

School Re-opens


Wednesday 28th August 2024
Mid-Term Break Monday 28th October

 – Friday 1st November inclusive

Christmas Closing Friday 20th December at 12.00 (last day of school) 


Monday 6th January 2025
St Brigid’s Day


Monday 3rd February
Mid-Term Break Thursday 20th  & Friday 21st February
St. Patrick’s Day


Monday  17th March
Easter Closing Friday 11th April at 12.00  (last day of school)


Monday 28th April
Bank Holiday


Monday 5th May
Bank Holiday


Monday 2nd June
Summer Holidays Closing


Friday 20th June


Parents will be informed as soon as possible if there are any additional closures or changes to this calendar.