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March Newsletter

World Book Day

World Book Day is being celebrated on Thursday 2nd March.  We are looking forward to a great day at school which will begin with a Fashion Show!  Pupils (and staff) are encouraged to come to school dressed as a character from a book.  Pupils should wear their outfits to school on Thursday and should wear something warm underneath.  There will be prizes in each classroom (1st, 2nd & 3rd) for the most creative outfits.  Throughout the day the children will take part in different activities all promoting books and reading.  Each child will receive a World Book Day Token (€1.50) which may be exchanged in Easons for a World Book Day book or used as a discount on another book of choice.

 Book Swap

As part of World Book Day our Student Council are hosting a “book swap”.  There may be books in your home that your children have finished with.  The Student Council would like children to bring 1 or 2 books to school (in good condition) that they are finished with (and won’t be getting back).  The Student Council will organise the books and then each class will be allocated a time to view the books and take a book if they wish.

Pupil Absences/Aladdin

Please use Aladdin Connect to record reasons for absences.  Aladdin connect may also be used to check your child’s attendance.  Under the Education Welfare Act 2000, schools are obliged to submit reports to Tusla Education Support Services twice a year.  This is a legislative requirement.  In December and June each year Aladdin generates the names of children who have been absent for 20+ days and the reasons for the absences.  If reasons aren’t given they are recorded as unexplained.  Parents should submit reasons for absences themselves on Aladdin Connect.  You may go back and fill in reasons after an absence.  Please use the attached information sheet to help you fill in reasons for absences on Aladdin.  Please come and speak with the Principal, if for whatever reason, you are unable to access your Aladdin Connect.

Flower Demonstration

Each family should have received four tickets to sell for the upcoming Flower Demonstration in 2nd Ballybay Hall on 28th March at 7.30pm.  This will be a great night as Wilma’s flower demonstrations are excellent.  The arrangements Wilma makes will be auctioned off at the end and money raised from the auction will also go towards the Parents’ Association funds.  Supper will be served also.  Please let your family, friends, neighbours and relations know about the evening and if you require additional tickets contact Sandra in the office.  If you are unable to sell your tickets a monetary (€40) contribution would be greatly appreciated.  All funds raised by the Parents’ Association benefits all children in the school.

School Uniform Review

The Board of Management is undertaking a review of the current school uniform.  You will receive a survey (by email) today and it is important everyone responds to the survey.  The initial survey is to find out what the general satisfaction level is with the current uniform.  If the majority of parents are satisfied with the uniform, there will be no change made.  Any changes made will not come into effect until September.


Pupils in all classes will go to Monaghan Leisure centre for 6 weeks swimming lessons beginning on Thursday 20th April.  We will leave school at 12.20 and return at 2.30/2.40.  Lunch will be eaten at 12.00 on swimming days.  Pupils in junior classes who need assistance drying and getting dressed must have an adult with them at the pool.  STAFF ARE NOT PERMITTED TO ASSIST CHILDREN DRYING AND DRESSING.

If parents are at the pool children may go home with them from the pool at the end of the lesson.  The Leisure Centre has informed the school that from 1st January 2023 the school is charged for the number of pupils booked in initially,  i.e. if 62 pupils are booked in,  62 lessons must be paid for each week regardless if pupils attend or not.  The cost per pupils is €7 per pupils (€42 in total for 6 lessons).  The Parents’ Association are subsidising the cost of the buses.  Money must be paid online to the school’s bank account before Thursday 20th April.  All 6 lessons must be paid for in advance.

  • Cheque/draft from bank or Credit Union or
  • Online banking – IBAN IE20AIBK 9324 2601 2651 56

Please include your name or children’s names when paying.   Sandra will issue a receipt for payments.  If you wish to discuss as aspect of swimming or the cost for swimming please contact the Principal.  Swimming is one of the strands in the PE curriculum and therefore it is expected all children attend.

Student Council

Our Student Council have been meeting with Ms. Fitzpatrick regularly.  They have some great ideas coming up which they will share with everyone shortly.  Members of the Student Council have been busy working on high vis jackets which they will wear in the playground at break and lunch time.  If someone is feeling left out in the yard or has nothing to play they can go to one of the Student Council members wearing the high vis and they will organise an activity for them to do.  Many thanks to our Student Council for coming up with this initiative.

School Closures

Please note school is closed on Thursday 16th March (staff planning day) and Friday 17th March  (St. Patrick’s Day).

School closes at 12.00 on Friday 31st March for Easter and reopens on Monday 17th April.