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Covid 19 Information

August 2021

As school reopens for the start of this academic year  I encourage you to read the documents below. Our school's Covid Response plan has been  updated following the most recent guidelines issued by the Department of Education and HSE.

The policy statement has been agreed by the Board of Management of our school. 

Our school's Covid 19 Response plan is a live document and will be amended as required in line with Department of Education/HSE  advice.

The updated risk assessment document has been approved by the school's Health and Safety officer and all staff have received a copy of it.

Please read the HSE's information sheet for parents  which outlines when to send a child to school and when to keep at home. 

Please take note of the following points which have been circulated to parents:

  1. School uniform must be worn every day, Monday - Thursday and tracksuits & runners are to be worn on Friday only. 
  2. The school day for infants ends at 2.00 (12.30 for Junior Infants until 8/9/21) and remaining classes at 3.00.
  3. It is important the children remain in their class groups while waiting at the gate and staff will only allow children to go to cars in a socially distanced manner.
  4. Do not leave your car unless absolutely necessary. 
  5. Homework will be set from Monday 6th September. We will continue to use the online learning platform SEESAW. Homework exercises should not be returned to school on sheets or in books (unless requested by a teacher for a particular assignment) All written homework should be uploaded on SEESAW'
  6. Please return the Return to School Parent Parental Declaration Form before your child/children return to school.
With a rise in Covid case numbers in the area please be extra vigilant.
Many of the symptoms of the Delta variant can be associated with a common cold which all children (and adults) get from time to time. The school will ring you to ask you to collect your child if they are displaying these symptoms and you will be advised to speak with your GP and arrange a Covid test for your child. 
If children are close contacts and are off school for 10 days (or until they get a second negative covid test) teachers will provide school work which should be completed while absent. Please liaise with your child's class teacher if this is the situation. 
Contact email addresses for staff are as follows: 
Mrs Boyle (Junior Room)
Mrs Pepper (Senior Room) 

Ballybay Central School Covid response plan August 2021

COVID-19_Policy Statement

Ballybay Central School Risk Assessment Document  

Information from HSE for parents

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